Real people, real stories. Meet the members of Imperial Strength.


Meet Billy:

Typical Class Time 

Nights and weekend classes, plus personal training with Coach Steve.

How long have you been with Imperial  

I have been coming for about 3 months.

What I like most is that the people (the trainers and members) make tough workouts seem fun and easier than they are (they are not easy!).

I am a high school athlete who wanted to work off-season on my skills to better help me overall on the field. In the short time I have been coming, I can tell my speed and explosiveness have drastically improved.


I thought I knew what to do in a weight room before I started at Imperial, but quickly learned my techniques were not right and have learned the proper way to train.  Because of that, my strength has increased, just by being taught how to do things the right way.

What's your Karaoke Song  

Tequila (simply because there is only one word to the entire song!!!!!)

Meet Manny:

Typical Class Time  

I'm part of the 'Vampire' team that works out at 5am.

How long have you been with Imperial  

I am 41 years old and have been with Imperial for about 1 year now. Imperial has helped me tremendously with my soccer - my speed, and keeps me in shape. The great group of coaches there are doing an amazing job.

Meet Michael:

Typical Class Time  

Junior Barbell Club

How long have you been with Imperial  

I have been coming for about 2 months. 

What I like most about Imperial is Steve and Abby.  They are great and it is really fun to work out there.  I am in middle school and am glad I am learning how to use weights the right way now because I think it will help me be a better athlete in the future.

I came to Imperial because my lacrosse coach, Coach G, recommended it to my brother. When I saw the things he was doing I wanted to try, and joined the junior class. I am glad I did. I think the class is great for kids my age to start learning what to do.

What's your Karaoke Song  I'm Sexy and I Know It

michael bb club.JPG

Meet Jill:

Typical Class Time  

5:00pm (but actively recruiting for the 6:15pm, if you're interested)

How long have you been with Imperial  

I have been with Imperial Strength since October of 2019 

Why Imperial

What I tell people about Imperial is that I feel that everybody deserves coaches in their lives that are dedicated to them, and their results, and they are willing to personalize what they are doing so that you get the best results. The coaches at Imperial want to see what your goals are, and they want to help you get there. They are not just putting out a program that can't be modified or changed. Every person is trying to do something different. Imperial is so good at looking at what everyone is trying to get out of it [individually] and then helping them achieve that. I think everyone deserves that type of coaching. 

What's your Karaoke Song  Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now