why imperial strength?

We get it, there are a whole lot of gyms out there, but here's what makes us different. 



Our philosophy is simple, and dare we say, straightforward. What's our mission? To make functional fitness accessible to all. We want to show you how to move the right way, so you can move for a long time. Every class is led by an experienced coach and backed by a community who will stop at nothing to support, encourage and push you to achieve your goals. 



Conveniently located on Route 1 in Seabrook, New Hampshire, our 7,000 square foot facility is home to some of the coolest people and most challenging workouts the Granite State has ever seen. But don’t let that scare you. Once inside our doors, you’ll enjoy our spacious layout (that we keep so fresh and so clean), state of the art equipment, private bathrooms and changing areas. And if you enjoy coffee half as much as we do, plan to stick around after class for a cup or two. Coffee cool-downs are our favorite.



At Imperial Strength, we are all about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. And while it may seem like a scary thought at first, this is truly where the magic lives. We offer group strength + conditioning classes, which taps into a variety of methodologies including strength training, HIIT, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, interval training, and plyometrics, low-impact conditioning + endurance classes, personal training, and more. The programming here is meant to challenge you both mentally and physically, however with expert guidance from our coaching staff, the tunes cranked to eleven, and a supportive peer group cheering you on, you’ll never regret coming!



The appeal of our gym truly lies in the people that make up our tight-knit community. It’s true - the dynamic people that come and workout with us day in and day out are what make Imperial Strength the rad gym that it is. Because we value this aspect of our gym so very much, we make a point to ensure that every member feels supported and welcomed the moment they step through our doors, which is why a positive mental attitude is an Imperial Strength must!  





the coaches

Imperial Strength has a number of certified coaches with a wide range of expertise, including: 

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • USAW Olympic Lifting Coach

  • Gymnastics

  • Mobility 

  • Running+ Endurance

  • Professional Firefighters

  • Professional Paramedics


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